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• 3/18/2013

I can't understand the Mantra concept

seriously I don't get it, all I know is you have to chant the mantra in the backside field of the front side boss room, but how? i don't get it?

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• 3/22/2013

To know which room to chant the mantra in, you have to pay attention to the compasses on the wall of the areas (which, by this point, are now flickering with flame).  Basically, the key is the location of the room with the compass in relation to the room where you fought the boss for that area.  Then, in the flipside, you need to find the compass, and then find the room that is located in the same relative position to it as the boss room was to the front-side's compass.  This can be confusing when the backside areas is laid out in a manner that it doesn't seem to correspond with the frontside, but that's when you need to remember that these maps can all be arranged to fit neatly within a square 4wx5h grid (except for the overworld, and the Twin Labyrinth is simply two 4x5 areas next to eachother).

First you need to find the mantra for that area, then chant in in the location determined above.  You have to do it in sets, you can't find all the mantras first, then set all the wedges.  The clues for finding the matras are in the Temple of the Sun, in the lower-left corner of C-3.  To chant the mantra, equip the Djed Pillar, and load the Mantra.exe software; this will give you a new menu where you can select Mantras.  Just select the corresponding Mantra, and use the Djed Pillar in the correct room; if you are successful, you will see a shard of light shoot down and etch the wedge into the wall in the room.

I hope this helps; I know the logic behind FINDING to room the chant the mantra is extremely obtuse, but at the same time, nothing stops you from just chanting in every room until you find the right one by trial and error.  And while the room the chant the mantra will ALWAYS be in the area opposite to where the boss was fought, the location of the mantra itself doesn't necessarily follow this rule (sometimes it's in the frontside, sometimes it's in the backside; just try to interpret the clues correctly...and again, you can just trial-and-error it; once you enter the correct room, the tablet with the mantra will appear...but only once you've already placed the previous area's wedge.)

Other clues:

  • You will go backwards through the areas when finding the mantras and sealing the wedges.  The last one will be located in the Gate of Guidance/Gate Of Illusion.
  • Remember that, thanks to Tiamat, the Endless Corridor and the Dimensional Corrider have been switched, so the wedge will need to be placed in the front-side, not the back-side.

I hope this helps clarify this very perplexing puzzle ;)

• 1/4/2014

Would need a little bit more help explaining how you can arrange the maps to be 4x5 :)

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