Wedge amphisbaena

Amphisbaena's Wedge

Tablet amphisbaena

Amphisbaena depicted in the Gate of Guidance (B-3) Tablet.

A guardian have snakelike dual-head. It is impossible to escape from them because both of the heads attack at the same time.
--Game manual

A giant two-headed snake with a head on each end. It breathes flames that burns [sic] within its body at its opponents when threatened. However, its weak point is that both of its heads aren't always on the same page.
--Vita version bestiary

Amphisbaena (アンフィスバエナ Anfisubaena, also referred to as King Konda in the soundtrack listings) is a large two headed snake that breathes fire. It is the Guardian of the Gate of Guidance.

Finding AmphisbaenaEdit

Solve the block puzzle in (E-4).

Revealing the AnkhEdit

The dais to unlock the ankh is located in Gate of Guidance (D-3). Before you can activate the dias, the dias in (B-3) must be activated, and before it may be weighted, you must push the gray block in the same room onto the plate. You must also activate the elevator to be able to reach the pedestal. To access the dias in (D-3), you must cross the top of (C-3) along an invisible floor and place another weight at (C-3).

Finding the Ankh JewelEdit

In (A-6), destroy the blocks in the Upper-left, Lower-Left, Upper-Right, Lower-Right in that order to create a ladder in (B-6). Climb it and place a weight on the dias to create a dias in (D-5). Put a weight on the dias in (D-5) to reveal the Ankh Jewel.

Fighting AmphisbaenaEdit


Fighting Amphisbaena

Amphisbaena has 32 health.


  • One or both of the heads will breathe a jet of fire, dealing 6 damage.
  • contact causes 16 damage

Weak points Edit

  • Either head.


Amphisbaena is invincible until he shoots his first breaths of fire. After his first fire breaths, Amphisbaena is vulnerable to attack only at his two heads.

  • One way to beat Amphisbaena is to stay on the ground and fire away with Shuriken while dodging his flame jets he spits.
    • You don't even have to dodge if you don't want to, if you keep spamming Shuriken from the start, you should only take one hit. You can even try to Whip him to death.
  • Another approach is to stay on the top level, jump between the two platform to avoid the flame and focus on the left head.
    • try to position yourself as close as possible to the edge
    • since the left head attacks from below, giving you quite a lot of time to spam your whip (~7 hits).
    • every two cycle, the left head will be close enough for you to spam on it.
  • Another way is to get the Flare Gun and some ammo, stand below one of his heads and fire away.
  • The Axe+randc.exe+mekuri.exe combination kills Amphisbaena in 5 hits
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