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Manual comic thinking

Gate of GuidanceEdit

Bp gog e4 1


Bp gog e4 2
Bp gog e4 3
Bp gog e4 4
Bp gog e4 5


Graveyard of GiantsEdit

- Push bottom block off to left
- Push middle block down to left.
- Push top block to right and follow it.
- Push block on barrier and place weight.
- Take top-right path to D-5 and climb up to D-4.

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Inferno CavernEdit

Bp ic c4 1


Bp ic c4 2
Bp ic c4 3
Bp ic c4 4
Bp ic c4 5
Bp ic c4 6
Bp ic c4 7

Hell TempleEdit

You first have to bring a Key Fairy into the room to open the lower-right corner.

Bp ht a7 1


Bp ht a7 2
Bp ht a7 3
Bp ht a7 4
Bp ht a7 5
Bp ht a7 6
Bp ht a7 7
Bp ht a7 8
Bp ht a7 9


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