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A Field is a main area of the game, each having a unique name, theme, map, music, and so on. Fields are connected to one another by Field Gates and Backside Doors. Most Fields in La-Mulana have a Frontside-Backside relationship with another Field, with common elements and themes between the two. Frontside fields are typically encountered earlier in the game.

Field GateEdit

Field Gates are ornate passageways which lead from one Field to another. They are found as doorways or as hatches in the floor/ceiling, typically with a placard indicating the number of the connecting Field.

Backside DoorEdit

Backside Doors are doorways within the fields that lead directly between Front and Backside Fields. These only appear once you obtained the Bronze Mirror, and the doorways remain locked until you have defeated the Guardian of that Field's respective Frontside.

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