Defeat the Guardians sleeping somewhere!
--Game manual

A Guardian is one of the eight spirits that guard the secrets of La-Mulana. Reaching a Guardian is difficult, because you need to first reveal an Ankh in the Guardian's room by solving puzzles, and then use an Ankh Jewel on the Ankh to reveal the Guardian.

Guardians vary in attack patterns and weaknesses.

List of GuardiansEdit

Boss amphisbaena

Amphisbaena, Guardian of the Gate of Guidance

Boss sakit

Sakit, Guardian of the Mausoleum of the Giants

Boss ellmac

Ellmac, Guardian of the Temple of the Sun

Boss bahamut

Bahamut, Guardian of the Spring in the Sky

Boss viy

Viy, Guardian of the Inferno Cavern

Boss palenque

Palenque, Guardian of the Chamber of Extinction

Boss baphomet

Baphomet, Guardian of the Twin Labyrinths

Boss tiamat

Tiamat, Guardian of the Dimensional Corridor

Mother, Guardian of the True Shrine of the Mother

The Boss may be considered the "Guardian" of Hell Temple, but neither an Ankh nor an Ankh Jewel are needed to reach or fight The Boss, and beating him is not necessary to finish the game. However, he's larger and more powerful than a Sub-Boss.

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