A Room Guardian is a Guardian you encounter along your way. They are usually fought within a closed room (the entrance/exits won't open until you beat them). They usually aren't as powerful as Guardians and unlike a guardian battle, you don't need an Ankh Jewel to unlock them.

List of Room GuardiansEdit

Argus Surface (B-3)
Anubis Temple of Moonlight (D-6)
Ba Gate of Illusion (D-1)
Backbeard Endless Corridor (C-5)
Beelzebub Shrine of the Mother and True Shrine of the Mother (D-5)
Buer Temple of the Sun (A-2)
Chi You Gate of Illusion (D-4)
Ghost Lord Mausoleum of the Giants (A-2)
Hekatonkheires Chamber of Extinction (C-4) & (D-4) (Hard-mode), and in Temple of Moonlight (B-5)
Kamaitachi Graveyard of the Giants (E-3)
Mr. Gyonin Himself Spring in the Sky (C-8)
Nuckelavee Spring in the Sky (E-3)
Nüwa Tower of Ruin (E-1)
Ox-head &
Chamber of Extinction (E-1)
Pazuzu Inferno Cavern (B-3)
Peryton Twin Labyrinths (I-3)
Red Skeletons Gate of Guidance (D-4)
Skanda Chamber of Birth (F-5)
Tai Sui Endless Corridor (B-5)
The Boss Hell Temple (Room 33)
Thunderbird Tower of Ruin (D-4)
Vimana Tower of the Goddess (D-2:4)
Zu Twin Labyrinths (B-3)

Some of these are encountered again in Hell Temple.

Children of TiamatEdit

There are 11 Room Guardians in the Dimensional Corridor, the children of Tiamat.

Enlil (A-4)
Girtablilu (B-5)
Kulullu (A-7)
Kuusarikku (A-5)
Lahamu (D-7)
Mushnahhu (B-3)
Mushussu (D-4)
Ugallu (C-4)
Umu Dabrutu (D-3)
Ushum (D-5)
Ushumgallu (C-2)

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