Fairy queen portrait

The Fairy Queen

Fairies are rare NPCs that appear throughout the ruins.

Lemeza can summon four fairies at various fairy points in the ruins. Each point can summon one of the four at random, or one can be forced to appear with the proper software combination.

If you don't have the right software, you can reset the fairy summoning if you leave the room before it finishes, letting you choose the fairy you want if you are quick enough.

Software Edit

Software 1 Software 2 Combined Effect
miracle.exe mekuri.exe Guaranteed Key Fairy
miracle.exe capstar.exe Guaranteed Item Fairy
miracle.exe bounce.exe Guaranteed Attack Fairy
miracle.exe randc.exe Not a guaranteed Healing Fairy

Fairy PointsEdit

Fairy QueenEdit

Fairy queen
  • Location: Endless Corridor (A-1)
  • Music: Legendary Small Beauty
  • Unlocks: Summoning of the other fairies, after Isis' Pendant is acquired.
  • In La Mulana EX (PS Vita), she can deactivate hard mode if you read the tablet in D1 of the Mausoleum of the Giants twice.

Healing FairyEdit

Fairy healing
  • Effect: Gradually restores health over time.
  • Summon animation: Two stars spin inwards in a clockwise circle pattern.
  • Duration: 1 minute

Attack FairyEdit

Fairy attack
  • Effect: Constantly fires currently equipped sub-weapon. Won't shoot Pistol, nor will she use Buckler/Shields and Ankh Jewels. Be careful with Bombs equipped in narrow spaces. She does not use up ammo, but her shots will still evoke divine lightning if they hit sacred objects, just as if Lemeza hit the object himself. (That's why some people call it "Amok Fairy".)
  • Summon animation: Two stars spin inward in a counterclockwise square pattern.
  • Duration: 2 minutes

Item FairyEdit

Fairy item
  • Effect: Greatly increases drop rate from enemies and pots. Also increases amount dropped.
  • Summon animation: Four stars spin inwards, two in a clockwise circle, two in a counterclockwise square. (Combination of Healing and Attack Fairy animations)
  • Duration: 1 minute

Key FairyEdit

Fairy key
  • Effect: Unlocks certain puzzles in the ruins.
  • Summon animation: Four stars spin inward in a counterclockwise square pattern.
  • Duration: 2 minutes

Stray FairyEdit

Stray Fairy
  • Location: Gate of Illusion (E-1)
  • Part of The Key to Life puzzle, specifically the guardian/watcher of The Key of Life. She disappears and isn't accessible after completing the puzzle.

Trivia Edit

The various star patterns that indicate which fairy will appear are all actually a reference to The Maze of Galious. The final boss Galious uses a spinning ring of orbs which extend out to attack the player in those same patterns. Even the flashing colors of the stars match Galious' orbs!

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