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For the tower to fly, much water was needed. Migela carried a lake to this land, then drew his last breath.
Mausoleum of the Giants (C-2) Tablet

Concerned for his brothers, Ribu dug a hole to send the lake's water to the tower.
His strength exhausted, he then laid down to rest.

-Mausoleum of the Giants (A-2) Tablet

The lake created by Migela and Futo.
Ribu carries the water to the tower,
the place where the finger points
and Anunnaki refuses to gaze upon.

-Tower of the Goddess (C-7) Tablet

Read the tablet at Tower of the Goddess (C-7). After you read it, a dais will appear in the room near the bottom right. After placing a weight on the dais, an earthquake will occur. This removes the red seal on the two lids of the flooding gates at (C-6) in Spring in the Sky. To reach the gates:

1. Walk right through the top-right wall from the drain room (This is the room with Anunnaki's mural) in Spring in the Sky (B-10). You will fall directly to the first gate, which you break open with a weapon.

2. Where the old location was in the original La.MuLANA, Mausoleum of the Giants (D-5), the pot where the statue (Ribu) points to, don't break it, and jump on top of it. There is an arrow next to the pot drawn, indicating that you need to push down on the vase. Press down on your controller, and you should fall directly to the second gate. Break the other gate open with your weapon like the other one.