Gate of Time

Gate of Time

This is an 8-bit world.
A meaningless world where you're free to go down memory lane.

Npc tablet8bit

Stone Tablet,
Gate of Time (D-11)

The Gate of Time (Japanese: 時間の門, "Jikan-no Mon" / lit. "Gate of Time")

The Gate of Time is a recreation of the original version of La-Mulana. Inside the Gate of Time, the player can visit three fields as they appeared in the original version, culminating in obtaining lamulana.exe.

Notably, while all of the tablets from the version are intact, they have completely different text, written in a very tongue-in-cheek nature. They range anywhere from subverted replicas of old tablets to outright silliness.

  • Music: ???
  • Entrances and Exits:
    • C-7: Surface (G-4), exit only. Pass through the right wall at any point.
    • G-10: Tower of the Goddess (A-2), exit only. Clear the bricks from the ladder using the Knife.
    • D-11: Chamber of Extinction (G-5). Bring a key fairy to this room and she will unlock the door along the top hallway. You need the Bronze Mirror to enter.


1 Gate of Time A1 Gate of Time B1 Gate of Time C1 Gate of Time D1
2 Gate of Time D2
3 Gate of Time B3 Gate of Time C3 Gate of Time D3
4 Gate of Time B4
5 Gate of Time B5
6 Gate of Time A6 Gate of Time B6
7 Gate of Time A7 Gate of Time B7 Gate of Time C7
8 Gate of Time C8
9 Gate of Time C9 Gate of Time D9
10 Gate of Time D10 Gate of Time E10 Gate of Time F10 Gate of Time G10
11 Gate of Time D11



  • Location: (B-1)
    • Climb the ladder and attack the lower part of the wall to the left.


Hidden Fairy

This is the Gate of Time. A world of times past. Are there any items you let slip away throughout your adventure? If you wish, I can restore a blundered trap to its original state. In order to turn back time, a certain amount of power is needed. If you are able to defeat Tiamat, I shall restore a trap containing an item of equal value.
--Hidden Fairy

  • Location: (B-6) before defeating Tiamat
    • Enter from the middle closed right path at (A-6)

Elder Xelpud

  • Location: (A-1)
    • Enter through the open tent.
    • Gives you a clue on where to find lamulana.exe. After you talk to him, the tent closes.


Fairy Shop


  • This area is the replacement for the Maze of Galious tribute area.
  • There is a secret shop in (B-6). Enter from the middle closed right path at A-6.
  • Due to differences in the game engine, the graphics in this area are not straight copies of those from the original La-Mulana. While the original game screens were built out of 8x8 tiles, the remake uses 20x20 tiles, treated as 10x10. As such, all of the graphics in the Gate of Time had to be reworked to be 1/4 larger. This also means the Gate of Time does not technically conform to the graphical limitations of the MSX.
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