Ghost Lord

Fighting Ghost Lord

This is where the Ghost Lord lives. Come one, come all.
The Ghost Lord will appear before your eyes.
Gather round, gather round. Sit tight until he is full grown.

--Mausoleum of the Giants(B-2) Tablet

The king of ghosts. A group of ghosts combine to form the body and the king's soul resides within it. However, the individual souls don't disappear--instead, their wills are reflected in the king's actions.
--Vita version bestiary

Ghost Lord is the Sub-Boss of the Mausoleum of the Giants. It is recommended to buy Hermes' Boots from the (F-3) shop before fighting it.

Fighting Ghost LordEdit

Ghost Lord repeatedly teleports far away from you and then rushes in a straight line toward you dealing 8 damage on contact. With Hermes' Boots, you can dodge Ghost Lord and strike him with your weapon as he passes by. Staying at the bottom of the room leaves plenty of room to maneuver and keeps you from accidentally striking the Weapon Seal.

  • He will die after 8 hits with the Whip having 16 health.