Hard Mode is a mode in La-Mulana that makes the game more difficult. It is possible to be activated by accident, and can not be reversed except by loading an older save file or starting a new game.

Activating Edit

In order to activate hard mode, you must ignore the warning that a tablet in the Mausoleum of the Giants (D-1) gives you by reading it Twice. Immediately upon activation, you will see a Giant red Skull in the center of the screen.

Once activated, it cannot be reversed. Some achievements are only possible while in Hard Mode.

Effects Edit

  • There will be more enemies, as well as enemies in locations in which they are not normally found.
  • Lava Balls will often start erupting sooner, in more numbers, and in more places in the Inferno Caverns and Tower of Ruin.
  • Some enemies are more powerful, have more health, and/or they are faster. Some enemies are also individually stronger than others of the same kind, such as a Cait Sith next to the Grail Point in the Temple of the Sun.
  • All Guardians and every Sub-boss except Argus has increased Maximum health. Most bosses also attack and move more quickly, especially once they are badly hurt.