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Inferno Cavern

Behold the Inferno Cavern.
It was once the source of strength.

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Grail Tablet,
Inferno Cavern (F-4)

The Inferno Cavern (Japanese: 灼熱洞窟, "Shakunetsu Dōkutsu" / lit. "Scorching Heat Cave") is a dangerous, lava-filled field in the ruins. Though fraught with peril, the Cavern holds some useful weapons for players able to find them. Be wary of falling into lava without the Ice Cape, as it will drain your health very quickly, and don't forget to use your Holy Grail in a pinch.


1 Inferno Cavern B1 Inferno Cavern C1 Inferno Cavern E1
2 Inferno Cavern D2 Inferno Cavern E2 Inferno Cavern F2 Inferno Cavern G2
3 Inferno Cavern A3 Inferno Cavern B3 Inferno Cavern C3 Inferno Cavern D3
4 Inferno Cavern C4 Inferno Cavern D4 Inferno Cavern E4 Inferno Cavern F4
5 Inferno Cavern D5 Inferno Cavern E5 Inferno Cavern F5 Inferno Cavern G5
6 Inferno Cavern D6



Flare Gun

Chain Whip

  • Location: (A-3)
  • Break the Birth Wall Seal and use the Grapple Claw to access the passage that appears to the left. Defeat Pazuzu at (B-3) to access (A-3). Place a weight on either dais to raise its corresponding pillar, allowing you to reach the dais on top and unlock the chest. The pillars raise flush with the ceiling and will crush you if you do not jump off in time. They also do not reset when leaving the room. The puzzle can only be reset by talking with the Fairy at the Hidden Shop at the Gate of Time.



  • Location: (E-1)
  • Attack the two serpent statues until they begin to fire lasers. When both have been angered, the chest will unlock.

Ice Cape

  • Location: (G-5)
  • Quickly place a weight on the dais and jump out to avoid being burned to death by the lava. Push the block that appears onto the block plate to unlock the chest.


  • Location: (F-5)
  • Break the wall to the left of the ladder to reveal the software.


  • Location: (E-4)
  • Break the upper-left rock to reveal a shop. Buy for 150 Coins.


Viy's AnkhEdit

  • Location: (D-6)
  • Enter (D-5) from the Tower of Ruin (D-6). A mechanism in the background will raise a dais to (D-4). Place a weight on the dais in the lower-right corner to open a path to (E-5), then climb up to (D-2) and drop into the lava on the right side. Fall down to the upper-right corner of (D-4) and place a weight on the dais to make Viy's Ankh appear.

Lamia Statue's MantraEdit


  • Location: (G-2)
    • The blocks here slowly sink into the lava when stepped on. Jump across them quickly. There is also a not-so-obvious flame jet in the ceiling just in front of the gate. Try not to get too caught up in checking your e-mail, or you might get knocked into the lava.
  • Location: (F-2)
    • The two thin platforms just atop the lava on both sides of the screen will break when you pass over them.
  • Location: (E-2)
    • There is a fake Sacred Orb here. Approaching it will cause a large section of the floor to drop away into a pool of lava.
  • Location: (E-5)
    • There is a trapdoor under the rock on the left that will drop you directly into the lava.
  • Location: (B-1) and (C-1)
    • Unlike other spikes throughout the ruins, the spikes here will continue to damage you if you linger in them.


Priest RomancisEdit

  • Location: (C-3) Behind lower-left block
  • Talks about Inferno Cavern lore.

Priest GailiousEdit


Hot-blooded NemesistwoEdit

Coin ChestsEdit

  • Location: (E-2)
    • Break the middle of the left wall at (F-2) to access.
  • Location: (C-1)
    • Break the wall section in the middle of this room.


  • There is a special field called the "Burning Cavern" that shares the same BGM and graphical data as the Inferno Cavern, only slightly darker. It consists solely of an endless lava pit. It is not connected to the rest of the Inferno Cavern, and only appears during the process of unlocking the Hell Temple.
  • Rooms B1 and C1 return in the sequel, accessible from the Vilalge of Departure. Due to the collapse of La-Mulana, it has become relatively safe and only provides means to locate one of the mantras.
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