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Fighting kamaitachi

Fighting Kamaitachi

Kamaitachi is the Sub-Boss of the Graveyard of the Giants. It is a flying weasel with sickle-shaped forearms. It will teleport to keep its distance from Lemeza.

Fighting KamaitachiEdit


  • When Lemeza is far from it, Kamaitachi will dive at him and slash with its sickles
  • When Lemeza is near by, Kamaitachi will create

Weak PointEdit

Its body


  • Rush at Kamaitachi and attack with your melee weapon while avoiding the air discs.


In Japanese folklore, the kamaitachi were yōkai, or monsters, personified as a trio of sickle-wielding weasels. They would ride on the winds and lash the legs of humans with scythes or cutters. --[Wikipedia]