Fighting kuusarikku

Fighting Kuusarikku

Kuusarikku is one of the children of Tiamat, a Sub-Boss of Dimensional Corridor. It is a large winged bull. It has significantly more health and does more damage than Girtablilu, the sub-boss next door. After beginning this fight, Kulullu must be defeated to open a door back to the Grail Tablet.

To defeat Kuusarikku for good, first acquire the Dimensional Key.


  • Kuusarikku slowly paces back and forth on whatever platform it is standing on
    • 22/44 damage on collision
  • Yellow circle of energy will appear around Kuusarikku and it will quickly fly around the room for a few seconds
    • It doesn't aim very well
    • 44/88 damage on collision

Weak PointEdit

Its body


  • Kuusarikku has 160 health.
  • Attack it quickly while it is walking. Its yellow flying attack is what you need to watch out for. When it starts, run away! Try going the opposite direction that Kuusarikku was facing, and get to a far corner of the room until it lands.
  • 30 hits from the Axe will kill it.
  • Striking the pillar in the center of the room, which covers Fobos' room, will earn the wrath of the Eye of Divine Retribution.
  • On rare occasions while flying, Kuusarikku may become trapped in a looping pattern in one corner, making it impossible to damage. It remains stuck in this pattern indefinitely until it damages Lemeza, after which it lands and resumes walking.


  • Used to be called Ox.
  • Kusarikku was the Mesopotamian bull-man.[1] Statues of the bull-man were often used as gatekeepers.[2]
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