A field covered in darkness you say?
Actually, that's right next door.
Mulbruk think there's a way to make it bright, but it's difficult.
First you have to solve the riddle of the God of the Light in the Chamber of Birth,
then there will be a change in the Chamber of Extinction.
It's still far ahead.
Be patient and don't be hasty!


The Chamber of Extinction field normally has no light. It can be temporarily lit by hitting a blue square torch with the Flare Gun.
After collecting the Plane Model in the Tower of the Goddess and the Life Seal, the area can be permanently lit:

Start in the top part of Chamber of BirthEdit

Break the top-right wall and destroy the Life Wall Seal in Chamber of Birth (H-3).

This resets the puzzle you earlier did to obtain the Life Seal, causing the Birth Wall Seal at Chamber of Extinction (F-5) to activate again.

Then return to Chamber of ExtinctionEdit

  • Enter the maze again from (H-5). There is a pit immediately inside the wall! Jump left into (G-5).
  • Navigate through the wall maze to (F-5).
Coe maze
  • Break the Birth Wall Seal in (F-5) to make a cross of lights appear in (F-4).
  • Shoot a flare at the cross of lights on F-4 to light up the whole field permanently.
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