We are the second race born of the great Mother. We were created in order to return the Mother to the heavens. Let me tell you the sad tale of our race. The race began with nine brothers: Zebu, Bado, Migela, Ledo, Futo, Abuto, Ji, Ribu, and Sakit.
--Mausoleum of the Giants (B-5) Tablet

In order to return the Mother to the heavens, Bado, Migela, Ledo, and Futo built a flying tower.
--Mausoleum of the Giants (E-5) Tablet


A blanket of countless stars spread over Bado, falling into a deep slumber.
--Mausoleum of the Giants (F-3) Tablet


"Strength lies at the foot of Futo." But which one is Futo?
--Mausoleum of the Giants (H-4) skeleton


T'was a moonlit night that Ji started praying to the land.
--Mausoleum of the Giants (E-3) Tablet


The sun shone brightly the day Ledo fell in battle. A gaping hole in his chest, he entered his eternal slumber.
--Mausoleum of the Giants (D-2) Tablet


Migela is left-handed.
--Mausoleum of the Giants (G-3) Tablet


Concerned for his brothers, Ribu dug a hole to send the lake's water to the tower. His strength exhausted, he then laid down to rest.
--Mausoleum of the Giants (A-2) Tablet


The youngest, Sakit, tread his own path. He put a key on Ledo's body, falling into slumber with his powers in hand.
--Mausoleum of the Giants (D-5) Tablet


Zebu , the first born, was holding up the land, and thus unable to move.
--Mausoleum of the Giants (H-4) Tablet

Zebu would not budge, for he was the one who sustained the land, but the rest of them split into two sides and continued the battle.
--Mausoleum of the Giants (E-4) Tablet

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