Fighting Mushnahhu

Fighting Mushnahhu

Mushnahhu is one of the children of Tiamat, a Sub-Boss of Dimensional Corridor. It is a hollow ball that spawns limbless flying dragons.

To defeat Mushnahhu for good, first acquire the Dimensional Key.


  • The Mushnahhu fly around the room in a set pattern, doing 11/22 damage on collision.
  • Only one Mushnahhu is released at first, then two. After a second is defeated, the remaining four emerge and fly around the room together.

Weak PointEdit

Each flying dragon's head is vulnerable, but not the body.

  • 3 hits with the Axe will kill one


  • Each Mushnahhu has 15 health.
  • Caltrops only deal 1 damage to you - standing in a corner and walking into your own Caltrops allows you to take 1 damage and become invulnerable for a few moments, instead of taking a large amount of damage.
  • Try to find a safe place to wait between them. Because the Mushnahhu fly in set patterns, there is usually a place where you can stand still and concentrate on one at a time.


  • Used to be called Mushumahhar.
  • It may be based on Mušmaḫḫū, one of the three horned snakes.Wikipedia