Tablet Nuwa

Nüwa in the Tower of Ruin (F-2) Tablet


Fighting Nüwa

The one who challenges Nüwa to battle.
The one who drives a wedge into the Mother as she rests.
That thou are the chosen one, we pray.

--Tower of Ruin (F-2) Tablet

Nüwa is a Sub-Boss in Tower of Ruin.

Fighting NüwaEdit

Weak PointEdit

Strike Nüwa's head.


With the Flail Whip and Software Combinations, you can just go for her head without worrying about dodging. She'll die before removing more than 160 health.


Nüwa (traditional Chinese: 女媧; simplified Chinese: 女娲; pinyin: Nǚwā, also Nügua) is a goddess in ancient Chinese mythology best known for creating mankind and repairing the wall of heaven.

  • Used to be called Nu wa