Fighting ox and horse

Fighting Ox-head & Horse-face

The gatekeepers of Hell, Ox-head and Horse-face.
They await thou at the edge of the darkness.
Beyond them lies the last pyramid.
The pyramid in which Nüwa sleeps.


Ox-head & Horse-face are Sub-Bosses in the Chamber of Extinction. They are accessible through the Number 6 door in Chamber of Birth after defeating Palenque

Fighting Ox-head and Horse-faceEdit



  • Jumps around and stomps the ground
  • Stabs in front of him with his trident
  • Jumps into center of the room, then stabs his trident into the ground, sending out shock waves


  • Jumps around and stomps the ground
  • Kicks in front of him
  • Stabs in front of him with his spear
  • Twirls his spear around before throwing it across the room

Weak PointEdit

Their heads. Strategies

  • The only attack that does a lot of damage is Horse-Face's twirling spear. Just concentrate on attacking and they should go down without much of a problem.


Ox-head (simplified Chinese: 牛头; traditional Chinese: 牛頭; pinyin: niú tóu) and Horse-face (simplified Chinese: 马面; traditional Chinese: 馬面; pinyin: mǎ miàn) are two fearsome guardians or types guardian of the Underworld in Chinese mythology, where the dead face suffering prior to reincarnation. --Wikipedia