Red Skeletons

Fighting the Red Skeletons

Larger and stronger compared to other skeletons. For some reason it doesn't attempt to leave its post in front of the wall painting of the airship. Perhaps it had a fondness for the sky in life, or perhaps it was an airship pilot.
--Vita version bestiary

The Red Skeletons are the Sub-Bosses of the Gate of Guidance. They are stronger versions of the Skeleton enemies encountered earlier. Their low health and limited attacks make an easy introduction to the Room Guardian system for new players.

Fighting Red SkeletonsEdit


  • Spinning red projectiles (3 damage).
  • Each skeleton will wander around on its own level, and will only attack if Lemeza attacks or if it sees him.

Weak PointEdit

Anywhere. Unlike Skeleton enemies, they take damage without special Treasures or having to be knocked down, they have 12 hp.


  • Use the Buckler to block their attacks while spamming Shuriken
  • Using the platforms on the right, sneak up on them one at a time for melee hits and then jump up to safety to avoid their attacks.
  • For the skeleton on the top platform, use the whip while on the ladder below to hit it when it is above you.