The scales must be balanced to solve this puzzle and get the Flail Whip.

WARNING: Reading the tablet at the top-right begins the puzzle, so DO NOT READ IT until you are certain you have the puzzle solution. Make sure you have at least 7 weights before you begin. As soon as the puzzle is active, leaving at any time before solving the puzzle will ruin your chance and you will need to reset the puzzle at the Gate of Time's hidden shop (or revert to a prior save).

Also, be careful not to fall into the space to the left of the scales, when doing the puzzle. If you slip; You will NOT be able to get back up without leaving the room.


See if you can work it out yourself before resorting to the solution.

The joyful heart is pearly white, the eloquent heart is black,
the sincere heart is purple, the blissful heart is ___,
pure heart is white, the passionate heart is red,
and the affectionate heart is ___.
Every heart has a color.
--Chamber of Extinction (I-5) Tablet

The joyful heart is 20, the eloquent heart is 44,
the sincere heart is 50, the blissful heart is 63,
the pure heart is 70, the passionate heart is 81,
and the affectionate heart is 99.
Every heart has a weight.
--Temple of Moonlight (B-1) Tablet

Black onyx means "eloquence".
Purple amethyst indicates "sincerity".
The meanings are infused into the gemstones.
--Twin Labyrinths (E-1) Tablet

The red ruby means "passion".
The ______ sapphire signifies "affection".
The meanings are infused into the Gemstones.
--Graveyard of the Giants (C-3) Tablet

The white diamond represents "purity."
The meaning is infused into the gemstone.
--Tower of Ruin (D-6) Tablet

The white opal represents "joy".
The meaning is infused into the gemstone.
--Chamber of Birth (E-6) Tablet

NOTE: There is a scale in-game where you can discover Lemeza's weight. It is in Maosoleum of the Giants, one screen left of the Grail Tablet.
NOTE 2: The representation of two of the gems are never specified (the ancient words worn away by time). As an additional clue: rubies are red...are blue.

      NOTE 3: Every heart appears exactly once.

With the above information, it's possible to deduce the answer logically without consulting the solution.


  1. LEFT SIDE - Joyful White Opal - Weight 20
  2. LEFT SIDE - Eloquent Black Onyx - Weight 44
  3. RIGHT SIDE - Sincere Purple Amethyst - Weight 50
  4. RIGHT SIDE - Blissful Green Emerald? - Weight 63
  5. RIGHT SIDE - Pure White Diamond - Weight 70
  6. LEFT SIDE - Passionate Red Ruby - Weight 81
  7. LEFT SIDE - Affectionate Sapphire? - Weight 99
  8. RIGHT SIDE - Player - Weight 61