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Shawn Kosugi is the father of Lemeza Kosugi.


Shawn Kosugi can be glimpsed in various rooms throughout the game. He seems to be just a step ahead of Lemeza.

Shawn Spring in the Sky Sighting

  • Temple of the Sun (D-3)
    • Right after defeating Viy, Shawn can be glimpsed on the right-hand side of D-3, heading for the Sphinx.


  •  Location: Tower of Ruin (D-2)
    • After obtaining the Talisman, Shawn Kosugi can be seen walking to the right, in the northeastern part of the screen.


Shawn Shrine of the Mother Sighting

  • Location: Tower of the Goddess (B-6)
    • At some point (undetermined, lategame) when walking between the Graveyard of the Giants save point and the Temple of Moonlight, he is visible for a few moments climbing upwards.
  • Location: Gate of Illusion (C-3)
    • After getting the Mulana Talisman and entering from the left of the room just below the one that contained the Great Bird for the Cog of the Soul puzzle, and Tower of Ruin sometime after that. You can see this one repeatedly until you kill Nüwa. He's visible in the room with the grail point.


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