Fighting skanda

Fighting Skanda

Skanda, a large clay doll.
The one who holds the golden key which soars through the skies.

--Tower of Ruin (E-4) Tablet

Skanda is the Sub-Boss of Chamber of Birth. It is a giant Mudman that runs and jumps around the room. To summon him, you must have used the Cog of the Soul to animate the Mudmen in Chamber of Birth, and then perform the Dance of Life in (G-6).

Fighting SkandaEdit


Skanda will mostly run along the platforms, sometimes jumping or dematerializing to pop from a new place. The main danger is his high speed along with unpredictability and high damage on contact.

Weak PointEdit

The glowing red light on the chest. Skanda frequently falls over, or freezes in place. If he has fallen down, you can get some safe hits on his weak chest before he gets up. If he freezes standing up and you don't see the red gem, you won't be able to damage him until he starts to move again.


Skanda is one of a few sub-bosses that can be reliably damaged by Caltrops while staying safe yourself; if you have many in your inventory, that's a good opportunity to use them. Position yourself facing right on the platform with chest and throw them. They should land at the lowest platform. When Skanda runs on the bottom, the Caltrops will run directly into his weak spot. Skanda will keep hurting himself, stunning and running into next ones after a while.

The conspicious wall on the right is under divine protection. Be very careful, especially if you are using projectiles, not to hit it, or else you will get zapped.

Fighting skanda fallen

Skanda fallen and vulnerable

If you hit skanda during one of his jumps, he will fall on the ground and remain vulnerable for some time.

Trivia Edit

Skanda is the name of the first son of hindu god Shiva. He was also adopted by the buddhist pantheon. In Japan he is also known as Idaten and associated with quick running.

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