Fighting tai sui

Fighting Tai Sui

The one-eyed and the hundred-eyed shall appear.
Return with the one-eyed and the hundred-eyed shall lose its strength.
Beyond that lies everything.

--Endless Corridor (C-5) Tablet

A monstrous mass of meat with a billion eyes. Normally lives in the ground. Brings death to any human unlucky enough to dig it up accidentally. If it detects danger, it will shoot its eyeballs at enemies.
--Vita version bestiary

Tai Sui is a Sub-Boss of the Endless Corridor. It appears as a mass of large eyes held together by green stuff, and is constantly flinging eyes around the room. It is more of an environmental hazard than a Sub-Boss because it can't move and can't be harmed until Backbeard is defeated.

Damaging Tai SuiEdit

To damage Tai Sui you must first defeat Backbeard. See Backbeard or Endless Corridor Fifth Floor.

Fighting Tai SuiEdit


  • Eyes will randomly fly off Tai Sui
  • Tai Sui will look at Lemeza with all its eyes, then throw them at him at once

Weak PointEdit

The green blob part, after Backbeard is defeated. It is easier to hit with a low-striking weapon.


  • Clear the room of bats before attacking Tai Sui
  • 10 or 11 hits from the Axe+randc.exe+mekuri.exe combination kill it