Fighting Thunderbird

A huge monster in the shape of a bird. It vibrates its chest muscles to generate electricity, which it then emits from the horns on the back of its head. This electricity can also be used to form an electromagnetic field to defend the creature.
--Vita version bestiary

Thunderbird is a Sub-Boss in the Tower of Ruin. It circles around the room, and periodically charges the area around itself with an electric shield that blocks attacks. If Lemeza is knocked down into (D-5), Thunderbird will reform and start again with full health.

Fighting ThunderbirdEdit


  • Thunderbird will fire three lightning bolts, aimed at Lemeza
  • Thunderbird will deviate from its circling pattern and fly straight toward Lemeza

Weak PointEdit

Body, when not surrounded by blue electricity


  • Get the Silver Shield to block lightning shots.
    • 4 Lightning shots to the Silver Shield will knock it back and destroy the Buckler. If the Buckler is all you have, quickly unequip and reequip before the 4th shot so it does not break.
  • Quickly kill the Salamanders and move to the top of the screen.
    • Avoid Thunderbird's circling pattern by standing on the central pillar.
    • When Thunderbird flies at you, dodge onto the top-right platform.
    • Staying on top of the central pillar or in the top-right platform helps keep from falling down into (D-5).
  • When Thunderbird's lightning shield goes away, attack it with your Flail Whip or any Sub-Weapons you can hit it with.
    • Shuriken and Earth Spear work well
    • Take care not to miss and hit the walls on left with any sub-weapons as divine judgement will struck upon you.
  • You can preempt Thunderbird if you enter the room from the upper right (E-4).
    • you should be able to hit Thunderbird a few times before it electrify.
    • if you can keep close to it by taking some small leaps from the edge, you can hit Thunderbird with Axe+randc.exe+mekuri.exe 4 times, just enough to kill Thunderbird and leap-grap the drops
      • this is a relatively safe approach as you don't risk facing the electrified Thunderbird.
      • if you failed insta-killing, just drop down to C-5, safely go up to E-4 and retry.