Fighting umu dabrutu

Fighting Umu Dabrutu

Umu Dabrutu is one of the children of Tiamat, a Sub-Boss of Dimensional Corridor. It is a storm demon and the last of a set of three bosses you need to fight in a row. If you fight him before you fight Ushumgallu, a door will open up back to the previous room you entered. You can then access the area's Grail Tablet and leave.

To defeat Umu Dabrutu for good, first acquire the Dimensional Key.

Fighting Umu DabrutuEdit


Umu Dabrutu Flies to a top corner of the room opposite Lemeza before attacking.

  • It flies straight at Lemeza, doing 16/32 damage on collision.
  • It summons a big screen-covering cyclone.
    • Segments of the cyclone can be destroyed by quickly whipping it.

Weak PointEdit

Its body is vulnerable when not shrouded in a pink whirlwind that makes him immune to damage. The whirlwind comes off when he's rushing you, or when he summons his cyclone.


  • Umu Dabrutu has 55 health.
  • It's a good idea to gain enough experience so that when you beat the Mushnahhu, your health restores to full. If you don't have enough soul points to regain all your health, traverse between (A-3) and (A-4) taking down all enemies on screen until you get enough soul points so you have max health when you fight Umu Dabrutu. When you have full health, go in and just flail at Umu Dabrutu repeatedly when it charges you. You'll take hits, but if you can keep damaging Umu Dabrutu, it should die before your health gets near the danger zone.
  • Wait at the bottom floor and throw caltrops at him when he swoops down.
  • If you deal enough damage to the fragments of the cyclone, it will vanish on the row you attacked it on.
    • This is required on hard mode as the cyclone travels the full length of the screen.
  • It's quite easy to take down Umu Dabrutu without taking damage. It is however required to dodge its attacks in hard mode unless you have full health, all the life orbs, the armour and powered-up weapons and software. One stratagy is as follows:
    • Stand in the center of the bottom of the screen.
    • When Umu Dabrutu charges, move away, turn and then attack as it's flying towards you with preferably the Katana.
    • When Umu Dabrutu summons a cyclone, take out the bottom row cyclone as quickly as possible by walking up towards it and striking, or just throwing a projectile like a single Chakram at the cyclone. Return to the center of the bottom row awaiting Umu Dabrutu's charge attack, sidestep and strike. You'll also be able to hit Umu Dabrutu as it returns to the sky.
  • Like with almost all Sub-Bosses, Umu Dabrutu is not immune to the Lamp of Time.


  • Used to be called Storm.