Fighting enlil

Fighting Urmahlullu

One of the monsters born of Tiamat. A giant wolf-like dog. Characterized by its white fur and the red jewel on its forehead. Confuses its opponents with its quick movements. Attacks with a wide-range supersonic howl.
--Vita version bestiary

Urmahlullu, is one of the children of Tiamat, a Sub-Boss of Dimensional Corridor. It is a large white wolf with three red eyes. It teleports away from Lemeza to attack from afar. Its voice later becomes part of Mushussu.

To defeat Urmahlullu for good, first acquire the Dimensional Key.

Fighting UrmahlulluEdit


  • Urmahlullu creates soundwave-like circles that fly toward Lemeza in a three-pronged pattern.
    • 22/44 damage

Weak PointEdit

It's body. Urmahlullu teleports around the room, and then pauses for a significant amount of time before attacking. If it is struck early enough, it will immediately teleport away. Otherwise it will leave a wide window in which to strike it before it returns fire.


  • Urmahlullu has 70 health.
  • When Urmahlullu lands on the ground or lowest platform, immediately attack it to make it teleport away. Otherwise, be prepared to run and dodge between its circular projectiles. Get an Axe hit in when it is on an upper platform, before it returns fire.
    • When Urmahlullu is on a higher platform, its attack is much easier to dodge.
    • 14 hits from the Axe will kill it
  • Using the Chain Whip+move.exe+lamulana.exe combination, wait below Urmahlullu until it starts to charge its attack. Then jump and spam melee hits on it.
    • You can kill it in one session before it attacks.


  • Used to be called Urudimmu.
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