The item screen showing end-game Usable Items in the lower-left

Usable Items are items like Treasures which have some kind of effect when equipped or used with the Item button. They can be selected in the menu, and your currently equipped item is shown as the leftmost icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. Unlike Weapons and Sub-Weapons, there are no shortcut keys to quickly switch between Usable Items.

List of Usable ItemsEdit

Hand ScannerEdit

Icon handscanner
  • (Japanese: ハンディスキャナ, "Handi skyana" / lit. "Handy scanner")
  • Location: Surface (G-4) - Purchase in the rightmost shop for 10 coins.
  • Use: Equipping and using the Hand Scanner allows the player to read tablets scattered throughout the ruins, but must be used with reader.exe to translate the writing on the tablets. Players can also use it to scan skeletons/signs.
  • In-Game Description: Small Scanner used in conjunction with laptop. Allows text on various tablets to be scan and read.

Djed PillarEdit

Icon djedpillar
  • Location: Tower of Ruin (E-1) - Defeat Nüwa to unlock the chest.
  • Use: Used to invoke Mantras assigned by mantra.exe.
  • In-Game Description: A relic that can manipulate spells. Use it with the item button, and you can chant a spell.

Mini DollEdit

Icon minidoll

Magatama JewelEdit

Icon magatamajewel

Cog of the SoulEdit

Icon cogofthesoul

Why, that's a Cog of the Soul.
It's pretty much a key that's used to perform the forbidden art of bringing clay to life.
I think you stick it somewhere to get a machine to move, but that's the kind of thing that you'd expect to be forbidden so...
Maybe you shouldn't use it?

-Elder Xelpud

  • Location: Gate of Illusion (E-1) - Refer to The Key to Life for puzzle solution.
  • Use: After obtaining, use it on the tablet that appears where the Stray Fairy NPC was located in the same room. This causes Mudmen to spawn in the Chamber of Birth, which is required to proceed. Also used as part of a puzzle in Chamber of Birth (B-3).
  • In-Game Description: Part of an ancient contraption. Use with the item button to set it in its proper place.

Lamp of TimeEdit

Icon lampoftime
Icon lampoftime2

Pochette KeyEdit

Icon pochettekey
  • Location: Chamber of Birth (F-5) - Obtained after defeating Skanda.
  • Use: Used in Chamber of Extinction (B-2) to make Palenque's Ankh appear, and subsequently used at the beginning of his battle to start the mini-plane.
  • In-Game Description: A key that can activate an ancient machine. Use it with the item button to insert the key.

Dragon BoneEdit

Icon dragonbone
  • Location: Twin Labyrinths (J-4) - Buy from the shop for 100 coins. This shop only appears after you spend 100 coins in the little brothers shop (A-4).
  • Use: Use on the Dragon Statue in the Shrine of the Mother (B-6) to permanently remove the skull walls spread throughout the area. Also used in a puzzle in the Chamber of Birth (area with the infinite falling).
  • In-Game Description: Shaped like the head of a certain dragon statue. Use with the item button to set it in its proper place.

Crystal SkullEdit

Icon crystalskull
  • Location: Shrine of the Mother (B-2) - Obtaining the Diary in (E-2) will cause the chest in (B-2) to unlock.
  • Use:
  • In-Game Description: Crystal chiseled into the shape of a skull. Use with the item button to unlock a seal in a certain place.


Icon vessel
Icon medicineofthemind
Icon medicineofthemind2
Icon medicineofthemind3
  • Location: Chamber of Birth (F-2) - Enter the bottom area of (G-2) and approach the statue on the left with your Angel Shield drawn. Your shield will reflect the laser it fires, eventually destroying the statue and allowing you to pass into (F-2) where the Vessel awaits.
  • Use: Hold it up in front of the Medicine Statue to collect one of the three Medicines.
  • In-Game Description: A vessel made of silver. Use it with the item button to fill with medicine.


Icon pepper
  • Location: Talk to the skeleton NPC in the upper-left room of Gate of Illusion (F-4).
  • Use: Use in front of the Olmec statue in Gate of Guidance (C-1) to cause it to sneeze out the Treasures.
  • In-Game Description: The perfect spice for meat dishes! Use it with the item button to sprinkle some pepper.

Woman StatueEdit

Icon womanstatue
  • Location: Chamber of Birth (I-4) - Place a weight on the dais to trigger the spiked ceiling trap. Place a weight on the rightmost skeleton to stop the trap and unlock the chest. You will need to leave the room and re-enter to access the upper area.
  • Use: Equip and stand in the middle of Temple of the Sun (E-4) until it transforms into the Maternity Statue (a message will appear onscreen).
  • In-Game Description: A woman-shaped doll.

Maternity StatueEdit

Icon maternitystatue

Key of EternityEdit

Icon keyofeternity

Serpent StaffEdit

Icon serpentstaff
  • Location: Temple of Moonlight (D-6) - Obtained by defeating the Anubis sub-boss (Book of the Dead required).
  • Use: Required to defeat Argus (must be equipped).
  • In-Game Description: A staff with a snake decoration coiled around it.


Icon talisman
  • Location: Temple of the Sun (F-3) - Defeat Viy to cause the Sphinx in this room to shatter, leaving behind the Talisman in its rubble.
  • Use: Equip and talk to Elder Xelpud to hear about Shawn's diary. This is necessary to obtain the Diary and later the Mulana Talisman.
  • In-Game Description: A charm that the professor's father always carried with him.


Icon diary
  • Location: Shrine of the Mother (E-2) - After presenting the Talisman to Elder Xelpud and using the Dragon Bone in the Shrine of the Mother to remove the skull walls, make your way to (E-2) to see a pillar drop and block off the chest containing the Diary. Talk to Xelpud again and return to the same room. He will jump in and lift the pillar, creating a path for you to grab the Diary. Note: Unlike the original, the Lamp of Time no longer stops the pillar.
  • Use: Talk to Elder Xelpud after obtaining the Diary to receive the Mulana Talisman in its place.
  • In-Game Description: More research notes than a diary, it was kept by the professor's father.

Mulana TalismanEdit

Icon mulanatalisman
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